How Manufacturers Can Generate Less Waste

industrial process filters VirginiaUnfortunately, not all manufacturing facilities have yet recognized the benefits of optimized filtration for process water. This is likely because installing a filtration system may be difficult to justify when budgets are especially tight. However, recognizing key cost factors can easily justify the investment of an up-to-date filtration system.

When exploring options for water treatment filtration, there is a growing area of concern regarding water conservancy and water supply. When combined with an increased emphasis on reducing waste, it is important that all industries determine if it is time to evaluate newer filtration technology. Actually, the cost savings earned from a new system may surprise you.

There are two primary methods: Using equipment that requires less fresh water, or reusing water when the amount used is mandated by the process requirement. With this trend, you will notice reduced costs for the purchase and treatment of fresh water, heating process streams, and waste treatment.

In addition to minimizing overall maintenance costs, other factors include labor costs, the potential costs of lost production, conversion, and recovery of valuable products during scheduled and unscheduled downtime. While this may seem overwhelming, there are a few easy ways to determine whether your current filtration system needs an update.

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