Knowing When to Change Your Hydraulic Filters

hydraulic filter suppliers VAFilters keep the hydraulic fluids in your unit clean, and prevent clogs and abrasion that can damage equipment performance and cause the failure of various parts. By changing filters regularly, you can avoid nasty surprises and system failures.

However, if you change your hydraulic filters too early, you may be wasting money on unnecessary filter changes. On the other hand, waiting too long to change them can reduce the lifespan of every component in the hydraulic system.

Overall, you can expect the best bang for your buck by changing hydraulic filters when they’ve reached their dirt-holding capacity, but before the bypass valve opens. This will require a mechanism to monitor the restriction to flow (pressure drop) across the filter element, and then alert you when this point has been reached. Also, monitoring the filter elements in a hydraulic system continuously can provide valuable insight regarding the performance of the filter, as well as the condition of the system. Hydraulic filter suppliers in VA know that with an early warning of potential issues such as component failures and element rapture, you could save a significant amount of money.

If you would prefer a simpler method, refer to your machine’s gauges to tell you when filters need cleaning. However, you should also note the cleaning intervals recommended by the filter manufacturer and use them to create a filter maintenance schedule.