Why You Need Condensate Drains

condendate drainsThere are many users of compressed air systems that don’t fully recognize the possible implications of disregarding condensate drains. Although compressed air condensate is typically just condensed water, it can also include some oil and contaminants, which can be harmful to your equipment. To avoid costly and unnecessary maintenance and help ensure the desired productivity of your system, there’s no doubt you’ll need to use condensate drains on your system components. This will ensure the contaminants are removed from your system, thus increasing the life expectancy of your equipment.

Condensates are produced when the compressed air in your system cools. This contaminated moisture is likely to be found within your piping and storage vessels. When it builds up over time, the accumulation can cause a range of problems such as poor system efficiency and excessive wear of associated equipment.

Although condensate drains are one of the most ignored components of a compressed air system, they are essential for system efficiency and reliability. This is because condensates are inevitable, regardless of what type of system you’re using or the conditions of the environment in which it’s located. However, products are available to lessen further accumulation. At Greenleaf Filtration, we offer a wide selection of the industrial process filters and condensate drains you need to meet your special requirements.