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Tips for Storing Industrial Process Filters

Lifetec filtersWhen searching for industrial filters, Donaldson Lifetec Process Filters are an excellent choice. However, it’s possible to damage our filters before we even install them. This can cause harm to your machinery, shorten product lifespans, and waste money. Here are a few habits to keep in mind for your company’s industrial filters.
Even if your replacement filters are individually wrapped and sealed, be sure to secure the box you’re storing them in before placing them on a shelf or storage room. This simple habit can keep contaminants out and prevent your filter from transferring debris to your machine.

Ensure that product labels, including manufacturing dates and product names, are visible when selecting from the shelves. Also, keep note that metal shelves can cause condensation to form around the product, resulting in rust.

When it comes time to use your replacement filters, select the oldest inventory of filters first. Handle with care and wipe away any dust or debris on the box before opening. This will help prevent debris from prematurely coming in contact with the filter.

By storing your industrial filters properly before installation, you can prevent unnecessary maintenance and avoid losses. Handling and storing your filters properly will also ensure they will make a quality product for your machinery.

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What to Consider When Seeking a Quality Contamination Control Breather

Air Sentry breatherContamination control breathers (or desiccant breathers) continue to be at the top of the list of essentials for preventative maintenance and attacking contamination. They are low cost option that proves a significant return on investment. Today, there are many variations to choose from; here are a consider when choosing a quality breather.

It’s important to understand how much the headspace of a system can fluctuate. For example, the headspace in a splash-lubricated gearbox will fluctuate less than that of a hydraulic system reservoir, where there are large volumetric changes within the sump. This volumetric flow rate must be within the capabilities of the breather, or it may cause a pressurization condition inside the component.

If you’re working in severe environments (such as those with large amounts of dirt), choose a breather than can withstand the expected amounts of contamination. Consider a breather with a check valve or bladder assembly to help prolong its lifespan. Our Air Sentry Breathers in North Carolina feature an isolation check valve, which isolates the absorbent from exhaust air.

Tritan® is a material highly resistant to impact and chemicals with a broad range of operating temperatures. This means a longer life for your breather and your equipment.