Three Popular Types of Liquid Filter Bags

variety of standard liquid bag filtersGreenleaf Filtration offers a wide array of liquid bag filters for the unique needs of your facility. With a wide range of micron sizes, our inventory of bag filters can support many industries, such as chemical, food, and paper. Keep reading for some information on three popular types of liquid filter bags from our industrial filter supplier in Richmond.

Felt bag materials meet FDA regulations and can carry a high capacity of dirt. They are typically offered with micron ratings from 1 to 200. With felt bags comes the ability to remove both solid and gelatinous particles at a low cost. A singed or glazed finish over polyester and polypropylene reduced fiber shedding of these liquid bag filters. Steel-ring bags have a galvanized steel ring sewn into the top of the bag, while plastic flange bags have a specially-designed flange. Handles are standard on both types of felt liquid filter bags.

Mesh filtration bags also meet FDA regulations and are offered with a micron rating of up to 1500. These bags allow for economical removal of nondeformable contaminants and are compatible with a wide array of chemicals. Like felt bags, mesh bags have handles and are available with a steel ring or a flange.

Polyester Phenolic Treatment (PEPT)
The design of a PEPT liquid filter bag incorporates single or dual layers of Phenolic Resin Textile. Unlike cartridges, PEPT’s filter bags contain the contaminants securely inside the bag. They are available in micron ratings from 1 to 200 and offer an excellent removal of gel-like particles. Handles are standard on all PEPT bags, along with the choice of steel ring or plastic flange.