Managing Scale Deposit in the Pulp and Paper Industry

sublime descaler VAScale deposition commonly occurs in all pulp and paper-making processes. Even with the purest water treatment, scale deposits can cause an array of operational issues, such as increased utility costs and lost production due to downtime. The following are just a few of the processes affected by scale formation.

Drying cylinders/vacuum pumps
Condensate from the steam required for heating drying cylinders in paper machines is collected in separators. Because of the high temperature of the condensate, limescale can build up in the vacuum pumps.

Air humidifiers
A particular temperature and humidity is required for storing paper, which is supported by air humidifiers. When scale builds up on the jets and filters, it necessitates their replacement, resulting in increased energy costs.

Water treatment plants
Most paper mills have water treatment plants that receive borehole water. Due to the acidic nature of this water flowing into the plant, lime is added to the stream for neutralization. The buildup of scale over time reduces equipment life and affects the facility’s treatment capacity.

Technologies have been developed that can be used to overcome problems caused by scale deposition. Sublime Water Scale Solvent provides a fast and safe way to address scaled equipment. With the use of this Sublime descaler in VA, your process equipment can be returned to top operating efficiency.