Industries Supported by Compressed Air Products

robots welding in automobile production lineAt Greenleaf Filtration, our products touch the lives of our consumers in positive ways every day. We supply a unique inventory of industrial filtration products, including Donaldson compressed air filters. Here are just a few of the industries that rely on compressed air products.

Automotive manufacturing requires strong quality control to ensure minimal product defects. Compressed air is an essential part of running the high-precision equipment used to build thousands of new vehicles every day. Maintenance downtime can be very costly, so it is important that compressed air and water are properly filtered from harmful contaminants that will negatively affect the equipment.

Chemical production
Compressed air and liquids are an integral part of chemical production. Hazardous, corrosive and contaminated gases and liquids put product quality at risk; If not filtered properly, even the lowest impurities can cause costly delays in production.

As the need for smaller electronic devices grows, so does the requirement for the highest purity standards in compressed air and water used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. In addition to inlet air filtration for process tooling, semiconductor manufacturing requires high levels of filtration for bulk air and water to meet critical purity requirements. The proper filtration of bulk utilities will extend the life of filtration devices and minimize downtime.