Uses for Oil Water Separators

oil water separatorOil water separators are crucial pieces of equipment that are invaluable for a wide range of industries and applications. By removing suspended solids and oils from wastewater before they enter the municipal wastewater system, oil water separators in North Carolina play an essential role in protecting the environment. The following are the most common applications and situations where an oil water separator (or multiple) would be needed.

Certain industries and their facilities create large quantities of contaminated water on a daily basis. If this contaminated water was allowed to enter the wastewater stream directly, it would wreak havoc on the environment. An oil water separator can remove harmful petroleum and other contaminants from the water so it can enter the municipal wastewater system both safely and legally.

Food industry
Water waste created by restaurants is contaminated with grease, oil and suspended solids. These contaminants must be removed by an oil water separator system; otherwise, they would lower oxygen levels in waterways, seriously affecting local ecosystems.

If stormwater flowed directly into the environment, it would cause erosion due to excess runoff. Oil water separators play a crucial role by releasing the water at a pace that allows it to be properly absorbed by the soil, thus preventing erosion.