Properties of Long-Lasting Hydraulic Oil

hydraulic fluidNo business owner wants to spend more money on equipment and resources than they have to, and this doesn’t exclude owners of hydraulic systems and equipment. This begs the question: how can you make your hydraulic oil go further and last longer? The following are three things that efficient hydraulic oil supplies have in common.

Having clean oil means keeping particle contamination in the fluid at an acceptable level. Hard particles will accelerate wear of hydraulic components, while soft particles can cause reliability problems, such as filter clogging. Thus, it is important to understand oil cleanliness levels for different types of hydraulic systems, as well as the minimum level of filtration that is needed to achieve them. If you’re not sure how to determine this, contact the leading hydraulic filter suppliers in VA for assistance.

The hotter the oil is, the faster the rate of chemical reactions, such as oxidation and hydrolysis. You can extend the life of your hydraulic oil by ensuring it stays at the appropriate temperature.

Water poses a number of unwanted effects on hydraulic oil. When oil is hydrolyzed, lubrication is reduced, thus leaving critical surfaces open to corrosion and wear. It also depletes some additives and reacts with others, forming corrosive by-products that are harmful to some metals.