Choosing the Right Industrial Filter

There’s no doubt that deciding on a filter for your plant can be challenging. In addition to simply industrial filter supplier in North Carolinaremoving the undesirable material from a liquid stream, the right filter can save you thousands in ROI, improve operational efficiencies, help protect the environment, and decrease maintenance costs. There are three basic filter types to consider in liquid processing:

1. Self-cleaning filters
2. Bag filters
3. Cartridge filters

Each type of filter has advantages and disadvantages when compared to the others. Each one also addresses filtration challenges for different applications.

Self-cleaning filters are most appropriate when flow rates or filter media replacement costs are high, or when exposure of the process liquid to workers or the environment are undesirable.

Meanwhile, bag and cartridge filters can remove suspended solids for applications with lower flow rates. They’re ideal when exposure to the process liquid is not an issue, or when lower volumes of solids need to be removed.

It’s important to consider the total operating costs of the filtration system rather than solely the initial purchase price. Overall, equipment and supply replacement, disposal and labor costs, as well as downtime should all be considered when making a selection with your industrial filter supplier in North Carolina.