The Importance of Lubricating Your Air Compressor

industrial filtration solutionsHave you been noticing a difference in the operation or performance level of your plant’s air compressor? Is it running at a slower rate, or does it occasionally shut down altogether? While your first assumption may be that it’s time to invest in a new machine, it’s important to first recall if you’ve done any preventative maintenance recently. Industrial machines require proper preventative care, and air compressors are no exception. Air compressor filters need to be changed regularly, and it’s also crucial to properly lubricate your air compressor. Here’s why:

Keeping it Cool
Lubricants are required to keep your air compressors running at a cool temperature. If your machine instead maintains a high temperature, its internal components will wear down over time. This will lead to more money spent on industrial filtration solutions than what’s necessary.

Consuming Less Energy

An air compressor is guaranteed to last longer and run smoother when it consumes less energy at a time. When an air compressor is running hot, it is also working harder, which causes it to consume more energy as it operates. By keeping your air compressor well-lubricated, you’ll both save energy and avoid potential repair costs.

Increasing Life Expectancy
If your air compressor is operating efficiently with the help of proper lubrication, it will require less maintenance and last longer – thus saving you money.